July 17, 2008

Big News Big News

I had the conference call today with "A2"'s Case Workers, their supervisor, her Foster Parents, and our Case Worker about proceeding. They say that she'll be here in a few weeks so we are just pumped. I'm holding back a little though because it's only taken a year! Her foster parents are going on vacation on 8/18 so they want to get her here before then. And they changed their minds again and decided that we will go down there and she and the case worker will be flying home with us. We just have to wait for her to make the flight arrangements.
I'll keep ya'll posted.
We also finally got our taxes done and are getting a buttload of money back! hehehehehe! My hubby only claimed 4 this year and we could've claimed 7 and then our business took a loss because of the wonderful economy (thanks Bust... I mean Bush) so that helped too. Since it's an S Corporation they have to do the Corporate taxes first and then whatever gain or loss gets carried over to our taxes. Last year we had to add $26,000! Fun to have to pay taxes on money you never see. Anyways, we're getting some back, plus we get $2400 back on the economic stimulus now that we've finally filed. Too bad it's already spent, lol. We are going to pay off some credit cards and do some more 'Angel' modifications on the house. As they get older and more mobile they'll be into everything from floor to ceiling so we are probably going to add a wooden railing to section off the living room from the kitchen/dining area. I had thought of doing a half wall but it will be more expensive, thicker, more permanent and they won't be able to see me through it. When I'm in the kitchen cooking I want them to be able to see that I'm there. Otherwise they might cry or get upset. It also allows for me to see them better and they can use it to pull to stand and learn to cruise (think baby learning to stand and walk). A 3-4' solid wall would block off a lot of viewing area and they'd never be able to see me. The hardest part is having a gate on it that the other kids can open but not the Angels. My older son has muscle weakness and can't even hardly open the baby gates that we have and he's almost 5.
Paying off the credit cards will free up some monthly payment money so we can look into getting a camper. We had a blast last weekend and since going on vacations via air is now out of the question with "P" and "A2", not to mention that flying with 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, heck 10 kids would be glorious joy. I'm not such a huge fan of flying anyways. It freaks me out and I also get motion sick. Some day when all the other kids are grown, we'll get a baby sitter for "P" and "A2" and we'll vacation once and a while. Right now it's just not important.

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  1. Heya gal! Sounds like you are all gearing up for a bigger family. Yay! I hope that everyting works out and there aren't any "last minute" issues...lol, aren't there always? I can't wait to meet A2, it's so exciting!

    Crossing my fingers for ya!