July 31, 2008

HOLY Homeschool Supplies Batman!

Holy smokes! We got a HUGE box of homeschooling supplies from Connections Academy today for "W" for Kindergarten. He is SO excited! They sent everything! He even got pencils, sharpener, ruler, clay, sidewalk chalk, pipe cleaners, brads, crayons, scissors, etc. He got tons of kids books for reading, along with all his academic books. They even sent construction paper!
I'm very impressed. Granted, we will have to send most of it back at the end of the year but WOW, that's a lot of stuff that I don't have to buy and then be stuck with.
If anyone wants more info as to what we got just let me know :o)

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  1. Wow Jen. That is pretty cool. We didn't do Calvert K, so I'm not sure if it's identical to the stuff we would have gotten. From what I can gather, when you purchase the curriculum straight from Calvert you are getting the newest edition; through Connections you may not be. Not that it matters much because Connections isn't $$$. I'm glad that they are giving you guys quality curriculum. I hope that they are as great with other aspects of "individual home, public school". Since connections works like a home-based charter school they can get picky about things like attendance on the days they expect you to be there--but if you can work with that I say go for it! OK, sorry for the soap-box-like quality of this comment! I promise I'll shut up now! Hugs.