July 30, 2008

I got a new fridge

My Father in law works at Home Depot. My Mother in law called the other day to say that they had bought another fridge and could my hubby pick it up with his truck this week and bring it home for them? I asked her about the fridge since they have a newer house and didn't need a new one. She said they had a huge sale on the display models and they got it for $500. Well, I had been waiting for a while to get a new Stainless Steel fridge so I went there and got the last one for $600! Good deal since it was originally $1600.
My hubby picked them up yesterday and brought ours home. Of course it wouldn't fit through the front door so we had to take the doors off - pain in the butt since there's ice and water in the door and we had to dismantle the tubes too.
So it got too late last night and we needed to just plug it in and then get it cooled off so we could switch them over today. We got the water hooked up this afternoon and now we have a leak so we have to call tomorrow and wait until someone can come out and fix it.
So now my entire fridge area in the kitchen is ripped apart because we had to take the cupboards down to get the bigger fridge in the spot and we'll put them back up when we get it all fixed and know it's going to work.
So it's exciting to finally have all matching appliances, lol. No more white fridge! Although we are going to put it downstairs since we never have enough space at the holidays. Plus this one has the ice/water and I think that's great with kids because they'll drink more water if they get to play with it, hehe. And this one is a side by side and I can get a child proof lock thing to tie the handles together to keep "P" and "A2" out of it.

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  1. It was a suitably awesome purchase.
    Now you've got a beer fridge for the basement (ha ha ha, I know how much of a beer-drinker you are.....(to put it in a 90's way) NOT!)

    You crack me up lady! I like the idea that the kids will drink more water this way--mine just think it's a toy--can you have your kids come over and teach mine a few things? LOL.