August 27, 2008

Hi Mom!

I was brave and gave my Mom my blog address today, lol. I can't always guarantee that she'll like what she reads but then again she knows where I got so opinionated, hehe.

I've been trying out some new recipes and trying to clean out the cupboards. I'm going to start a weekly post of what we ate for dinner each night and include links to the recipes that I got off of the web. It's always nice to get good recipes from real people who have actually tried them. They're also pretty darn healthy :o) It's actually pretty fun because I just pick something out of the pantry or freezer and then go on and type it in, search, and then click on 'filter ingredients' and sort out what I do and don't have. It narrows it right down for me :o)

We've been slacking on homeschooling the last two days because my nieces were staying with my parents for a couple of days, so A & W were outside and at Gramma's house quite a bit. I also got to see the girls and that was nice. Their Mom and I don't get along so I rarely get to see them. It was kind of interesting though because my Mom mentioned how the 9 year old was talking about how she looks a lot like P and also has the big head like she does. I measured them both and they are the exact same size! We always think that P has Angelman Syndrome but the Dr.'s say that she might not because she has such a big head and that's not a char. of Angelman Syndrome. Well, now we have proof that it's a family thing like I keep telling them. My hubby's family also has big heads and my other bio daughter's head is only 3 cm smaller than P's. The thing with P is that her head grew really fast from the age of 6 months to 9 months but has leveled off since then. I took a pic of them together so I can bring it to the next genetics apt.
So anyways, we're back to homeschooling tomorrow morning. We've already gotten so much done that we'll still be way ahead when the year actually starts on Tuesday :o) I can't wait to go on the LMS and check off all the work they've already done! I'm hoping they can get done with the year really early so we can go south camping for a few weeks next Spring and not have much to bring with us, if anything.

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  1. Hi Jen's MOM!

    You are going to be saving my backside with those food blogs because you know I'm going to snitch them and live high on the hog (sorry, just had to get a pig joke in there).

    As it is, my kids ate 24 mini loaves of AFB yesterday. My goodness those little stinkers can pack the good stuff in!