August 17, 2008

Holy Moly!

I must say I'm feeling pretty popular today, lol. My blog has so many hits on it that I think I need to put some more posts on here - wouldn't want to disappoint anyone, lol.
I just checked the garden and got a bunch more tomatoes. I have a feeling the salsa I made last night isn't going to last very long so that's a good thing. Nothing like good home cooking. Tonight I made Sarah's buns that she recommended the other day. Mmmm, that's some good stuff there, and easy! I also skipped the gluten - thanks Sarah :o) I made some into hot dog buns and some little tiny sample buns for my kids to try when they were done. They thought they were awesome, lol.
I just went into the girls' bedroom to check on A2 and she had taken her pillow case off. While I was putting it back on I sneezed and she giggled like there was no tomorrow. A and I just about busted a gut at her giggling, lol. She's just so innocent that you know when she laughs it must be some funny stuff, lol.
Last night she finally started sleeping on her back. The first few nights she had slept on her stomach with her legs under her like a little baby does. It worried me because I thought she'd end up face down or something. It's kind of nice that she's that comfortable (or exhausted :o) here that she's sleeping on her back, because she'd slept the other way at her foster home. It could just be that she's listening to the Strawberry Shortcake music and forgets to turn over, lol. She didn't get a lot of activity at her foster home so to be here, playing all day, has got to wear her out. I just hope it doesn't make her lose weight.
I mentioned before that she's only 35 lbs, and is quite tall. If anyone out there that's reading this has any suggestions on fattening her up I'd be very appreciative. She eats good and we have her on whole milk but I'd really like to know of something healthy that really puts on the pounds. We'll use the Ensure type supplement drinks if we have to but I'd like to stay natural if possible and I don't know if those are or not.


  1. Its so awesome to hear about how good things are going. Its fun to hear you talk about your new "baby girl". Keep on with the updates!

  2. It sounds like she's having lots of fun at your house! I can just picture your two little special girls interacting with each other- too cute!!! ~Emily from TOK Board

  3. Glad to hear that the buns were a success. We have made them white and wheat now and they are awesome either way. My kids can go through 18 of them (with a little help from mom and dad...LOL) in about 2 1/2 days, but you've got more kiddos so your mileage may vary. :-)
    We're making your cupcakes and frosting for K's birthday party--I expect sugar comas for all those that attend. :-) Love all the good recipes, it keeps us fat and sassy.
    I'm so bummed that we can't come to the playdate tomorrow, I was really looking forward to seeing you and the kids (and meeting A2!!!), but we're waiting on Azure. They said "Thursday" but... well, this is the first order, and I really don't want to miss it!
    My guess is that once A2 is finger feeding her weight will climb up a bit, but you know, activity can be the best enticement to appetite. If she's active, she'll be hungry and if she's hungry she'll put on some weight. Now if only that held true for Fuchsia....... :-)