August 15, 2008

I'm tired

Here is a picture of "A2" with her brother Joshua(click it to make it bigger). Joshua's Adoptive Mom is holding her. They had a blast playing with each other at the hotel. I'm so glad that they drove down to spend our days with us.
I stayed up too late last night and then had a busy day today. We went and picked up the case worker at around 11 am and then she stayed until after supper. I wanted to make sure she got a good look at our family and lifestyle so that she didn't have any doubts about us. She was more than happy with "A2"s placement here. We got the paperwork signed and then I brought her back to her hotel. She'll fly back out tomorrow to Texas.

I'll add more later. I have to get to bed and get caught up on my sleep :o) I had some major jet lag today.


  1. Oh, Jennifer she's beautiful!!! I'm so happy for you and your family. What a precious new addition! ~Emily from TOK Board

  2. I am sure glad that you got this picture, it's so cute! My camera took the most awful pictures while we were there, I was not a happy camper!

    It was so awesome to meet you! I know A2 will be super happy and thrive on all the love you all have to give her! I can't believe after 7 years that she has a Mommy and a Daddy of her own and a loving HOME, a real home. Hooray!!!!!

    P.S. I am so stealing this picture for Joshua's blog! LOL!

  3. Jennifer, She is gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!!!! And seeing her and Joshua together is a sight worth seeing.

    I love how you commented on Peyton simply knowing that they are two of a kind. When Miss Emma met 3 Angels this past June, that is precisely what we saw. It was clear to everyone present that these four children were connected to one another. It was amazing to witness such an instant bond occur between them. They instantly all gathered in the sandbox and began playing as if they had known one another since birth :-) I will never forget that evening or our first chance to meet other angels and their families. Never!

    I have no doubt that A2 will thrive now that she is home with you and your loving family. For her to have a "home" and parents to call her own is all could ask for. I will be waiting anxiously for more pictures to be posted. Especially of all the kids together.

    Congratulations Mommy on your new arrival...I know it has been a long wait for all of you, but clearly it was worth the wait!xoxo

    Grandma Donna & Miss Emma

  4. Jen, I'm using the hubby's phone to write this b/c we were out and about when I saw your newest post. A2 is cute as a button and I' sure that P is.enjoying having a kindred spirit sister. I can' wait to meet her! I hope the hubby and parents are letting you get some rest lady; I think it's well deserved. Hugs to the whole family! BTW, F is jealous she didn't realize that you could get a "big" sister...I guess that seems cooler sister.LOL

  5. Congratulations!

    She is a beautiful child. And fortunate too. I hope she completes your family.

    : )