August 10, 2008

Nervous, nervous, nervous...

I'm nervous about leaving my babies for 3 days, and about meeting my new baby, and I'm even more nervous about traveling by myself. I know that people do it every day but I don't. I'm going to be a wreck away from my kids. I've never spent a night away from them all! I'm so worried that I'll get all the way down there and something will happen up here and I can't get home. I know it's crazy but I really get a lot of anxiety when there's a lot of distance between me and my family. I'm just glad that four days from today it will be all over and she'll finally be here.
I spent the greater majority of the day doing laundry, getting my house straightened up, and getting the kids' beds all rearranged. I think I posted the whole configuration before on a previous post :o) I was able to get it all to work so I'm really glad that it's all coming together.
I had to do a little more baby proofing because while "P" will chew on things occasionally and stick things down her throat, "A2" will eat everything. I had to make sure that all of "A"s Barbie clothes were all in the bucket where they go and that there wasn't anything that was soft enough for "A2" to swallow. She doesn't really crawl much I guess so that will give us some time to see just what the extent of her eating things is. The living room is all just baby/toddler toys so if she's hanging out there most of the time she'll be ok for a bit. I have a feeling though that the other kids, especially "P", will be very motivating for her to get going with her crawling.
Cross your fingers for a smooth trip :o)


  1. Hang in there, Jen! I would be nervous, too. But you are the perfect person for this "job"...and A2 needs you! Things will be ok while you are gone...the kids will be in capable wouldn't leave them if they weren't. Go get your baby girl. We're all thinking of you!!!

  2. Jen,
    Amy said it all, but I'll say it again so that you hear it some more: The kids will be fine, Grandma and Grandpa are around enough that they know what your routine is like, and how to take care of the kiddos. They will get spoiled a bit, surely, because that's what grandparent's are for, but you'll come home to them all safe and sound. A2 will be a great addition to your family and you'll get all the little deals worked out when you get home, although if I know you, you'll have many of those things figured out before you even get home. The flight will be serene, you and hubby will talk the whole time about stuff you need or want to do and suddenly you'll be in Texas getting her. Mental hugs to you! You are a great mom--that's why you worry!