August 20, 2008

She's moving along...

So, this morning I tried the Nuby sippy cups with the soft silicone tops because they are the closest thing to a bottle that you can find. She spit it out and threw it on the floor so I tried again and held it for her and she took it! I'm so excited that she's onto sippy cups and no more bottles!
The day I brought her home, last Thursday, she weighed in at 35 lbs. Today I weighed her and she's 37 lbs! I couldn't believe it, 2 lbs in 6 days. I'm hoping that it's not just a scale fluke and the food I'm giving her is actually getting some weight on her. Between Cream of Wheat, Oatmeal, sour cream, yogurt, whole milk, and milk powder (added to everything) I think we're getting somewhere. We'll see. I add pear sauce to her Cream of Wheat, Oatmeal, and Yogurt because she likes it and I don't want to add sugar into things. I try almost everything and it's pretty good stuff so we'll stick with it until she gets to a weight that I'm happy with.
I finally got her into the correct diaper size, 6. They had adult diapers on her and I think they thought that because her diapers were leaking that they needed bigger ones and even had doubled them up with I picked her up last Wednesday morning. I was not happy about that! They should've noticed that they were leaking because they weren't tight enough around her legs and had gaps because they were too big. They had her in size 6 pants and now she's in size 4.
I'm really happy with her progress so far. She starting to play with the toys now and actually kept pushing the button on a big toy to make the music play today. That's a big deal for a kid like her. To be able to figure it out, know what happened, and be able to do it again and again. Cause and effect :o) She fell asleep tonight completely stretched out on her back, lol. I think we're exhausting her, lol.


  1. Oh, how my heart rejoices at hearing this news!!!!!! I just knew she was going to the perfect home for her. You are doing wonderfully Jen, I am so proud of BOTH of you! (sniff, sniff..)

    I so wish that Joshua could have dairy, it would help fatten him up so much, but it's not meant to be. Because he can't have casein or gluten he eats nor artificial colors or sweeteners, he eats so healthy and low fat. I have been feeding him a lot of peanut butter in smoothies with rice protein powder, lots of avocados. Do you have any other GFCF fatty foods ideas?

    Keep up the good work sweet girl!


  2. I'm glad to hear that she's getting some weight on those try telling Fuchsia that she has to eat dairy in everything and wait for the TANTRUM!!!
    Oh lord, I can already hear it and it hasn't even happened yet......

    Good for you guys. We are on the Feingold program now and it's going very very well. Yay no crappy stuff!