November 4, 2008

Big Day!

So, this morning I had put P's braces and shoes on her feet and I was helping her practice walking a little bit before taking her to school. So, as I was walking her across the living room - I let go! And she took 5 steps on her own! We all saw it and were SO proud of her, and she was just as proud of herself. I can't even imagine how fabulously, awesomely, totally, cool it will be when she can walk. It's hard for her because she has no balance. She has to learn how to shift her weight back and forth in order to walk. She can't just stand up straight and move her feet like we do. For her it's kind of like us on stilts - keep shifting back and forth and hope you don't fall down. And then add in her feet that are the size of a baby - 7.5 - when they should be about an 11. So it really is like stilts for her. I had them make her braces a little bit longer than her foot and then we got shoes that are a little bit bigger than that, so I managed to get her up to a size 10 :o) She's such a hard worker though, and never gives up until she's completely exhausted, so I know she'll be walking someday. We're so proud of her :o)


  1. Woo Hoo P!!!! Joshua stood up today from my lap on his own and took about three steps to Tiffany! It's walking day!!!!!!

  2. Go Joshua! That's awesome! They are the same age so maybe it's a 4 3/4 year old thing :o)