November 3, 2008

My little wild woman :o)

P likes to sit on the bathroom counter and entertain herself while I TRY to fix her hair after her bath :o) I could just watch her all day long :o)

Action shot :o)
And the video - you gotta see it :o)


  1. She is such a sweetie pye!!!! I know why you could watch her all day, I could too. :-) Joshua would sure think she is hilarious!!

  2. That video is so sweet. Makes me think of the little bond she and Gavin had together. He was so concerned with her and playing with her. Usually, he's off following brother and doing his thing. But instead he wanted to play with Peyton. She calmed him right down. Yep, they had a bond.

  3. I love you pee tee you are amazing.. along with all the other kids