March 29, 2009

Awaiting the snowstorm :o(

We had a fun weekend and enjoyed the little bit of warm weather that we had. I think it got to 40 degrees today :o) The kids played outside and had a blast. They helped Daddy put some leaves and water into our compost bins and spin them up :o)
We made homemade chicken nuggets for supper. They looked just like the "real" thing and actually were "real" :o) I guess they were pretty good (I'm a vegetarian :o) We made our own breadcrumbs for them. I save all the ends from our loaves of bread in a bag in the freezer, and then dry them and smash them up for things like this, and stuffing, mmmmm :o)
I had made a bunch of plant starter pots out of newspapers last night (thanks Lori :o), so after supper we filled those with dirt and got some pepper and tomato seeds planted in them. I put them into 2 long planters that fit perfectly on one of the ledges in my bathroom where they get all of the southern sunlight they can handle.
Ms. P got to come out and "help" but had to go back in when she decided that a handful of dirt might be a good meal :o)
Hard to believe there's going to be 4-6" of snow out there tomorrow evening :O(


  1. Joshua would have made a tasty treat of the dirt too. Hahahaha! I sure wish we could get them together to play, that would make my year to see them together! I love that little girl of yours!!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Hope the snowstorm wasn't as bad as they thought?

  2. I'm glad you found that link helpful about the pots. I ended up doing what you said and bought the peat greenhouses from Menards, lol! We'll probably do the paper pots too. I was worried how well they would stay together when you watered them. Your chicken nuggets sound fabulous! Would you mind sharing the recipe? I've never done them with breadcrumbs. Lori