March 14, 2009


I'm still here, lol. It's been crazy busy around here with paperwork, sewing, kids and more kids, homeschool, Spring cleaning, etc. Holy man the time does fly.
We are still staying afloat. Hubby got a job selling insurance for Aflac. Check it out online at He just finished his training and is ready to dive in head first. Sales is his thing so I'm sure he'll do great at it. They have some great disability and cancer insurance policies. Once we get on our feet we'll definitely be getting at least those. They have lots of other types of policies too.

The kids are doing great! Getting excited for Spring to be here. We are seeing the end of the school year coming up too. We are all very excited for that, lol. It will be nice to have the time to do more things with them instead of school all the time. Going to try and see lots of sights this Summer :o)

We are also looking into doing some daycare for just one family. In order to get a daycare license we have to give up our foster care license and we don't want to do that. So, we can do daycare for only one family without a license. We are looking into doing 2nd or 3rd shift since I teach the kids all morning and part of the afternoon.

I haven't had any bites on my van. I didn't really expect to since it's so expensive and the economy is so bad. I cleaned it all out today so it's all ready to go. I'm sure the bank will be coming to get it shortly since I'm a month late on payments. We'll see though. Either way I wanted it cleaned out just in case they come when I'm not looking and take it away with all of my stuff in it. I'm screwed without my car seats.

My new van is working out well. I got a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan a few weeks ago. I had to get it before my credit went to crap. I love the stow and go and filled it right up today :o) P's PT was able to help me find a adaptive stroller to borrow from another family until I can get one for P. Lifting her wheelchair in and out of the stow and go hole is about killing me. I'll bet her chair weighs about 30-40 lbs! This stroller is about 20 lbs. so that's much better. Plus it folds down so it's not such a bulky piece to pick up. Once the snow is gone we are hoping to just use a walker for her, and only the stroller when we have a long ways to go or she's too tired.

Well, that's my update for now :o) Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I'm so glad your husband found a job!

    I hope the daycare goes well-- it will be nice to take care of just one family because you will really get a chance to know the kids!

    I'm glad you like the new van. Jer and I aren't quite there yet, but when we do get another vehicle it will probably be one with a lift. Well, hopefully be one with a lift, anyway.

    I'm happy to hear that life is going well!