June 8, 2009

Goodbye sweet Winnie :o(

My beloved dog Winnie was put to sleep today :o( She was 13 years old, which is 91 in people years. She's had some tumors on her body, one on her hip and one on her leg, that have been growing like crazy over the last couple of years. She was having lots of issues getting around and had fallen a few times. I was so afraid she'd break a hip or something because of the tumor and then we'd have to shoot her to take her out of her misery. It was her time and she's hurting no more. I'm sad, but relieved at the same time because it's been a long time coming and we just had to get up the courage to do it.
Dave put her and her blankie in the back of the suburban and brought her to the vet this afternoon. They came right out to the parking lot so that she wouldn't have to be lugged around any more than necessary. We were afraid of hurting her as she's at least 100 lbs.. To get her in the suburban we backed it up to the deck steps and put a piece of plywood across. She just walked up P's ramp and over to the stairs and right on in. It was nice that she never went through any additional pain the process.
My Dad went with Dave to the vet. He and Winnie have always been buds, and I really think he was her favorite person. She's been with me since she was a puppy and I was in college.
The older 2 kids had a hard time with it but we do have another dog named Bailey that's just a few years younger than Winnie. They'll have to be sure to keep her company now because Winnie was just like her Mom. I feel so bad because she's just been standing there waiting for Winnie to come home ever since she left. :o( I hope she does ok.
Here's my girl:

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  1. ((Big Hugs))

    What a sweet dog. I'm sorry for the sad day and big decisions and everything that goes along with pets getting older.

    ((Hugs)) again.