June 29, 2009

Hi :O)

I've been crazy busy! We had 2 respite foster kids (babysitting for other foster parents) from Friday until Sunday, and then 2 more came on Sunday for 8 days. The other 2 are coming back on Thursday, so we'll have 8 kids here for 5 days. It's all fun. It gets a little crazy but they're 10, 9, 7, 6, 5, 5, 5, and 3 so they play well. It's nice when the weather is nice and they can go outside and burn off some energy. Hopefully the wind will tame down a little and we can get into the pool one of these days. We got in on Sunday before the other 2 left but it was cold.
Things are going pretty well with the new dog. She's still only 8 months old so she keeps trying to run away. She jumped the 4' fence a few times so we had to put her on a leash. Then she jumped it with the leash on, lol. So we had to shorten it a little to keep her around and prevent her from hanging herself. Hubby and my Dad put in the in-ground fencing last Thursday but we have to wait until we have time and good weather to get the dogs out there and get them trained on it. My only worry with that is that other dogs and animals will have access to them. We might eventually have to just put some 4' chicken fence around the border of it. I know it sounds dumb but the in-ground electric will keep ours from jumping over and the chicken fence will keep others out. Our dog that we just put to sleep literally ripped chain link fencing apart with her teeth. She was a wonderful and friendly dog but once she realized that she could get out, she was on a mission.
Well, I better get to bed, we've got aquatherapy in the morning for P.

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  1. Busy momma...that's an understatement!

    Did I miss the part about you getting a new dog???