June 15, 2009

Playing in the sand...

Today was a gorgeous day! We went outside this morning and played in the sand, under the shade of our giant umbrella that Grandma got for us. It was just wonderful. I wish every day of the year could be so nice!
I opened up the camper doors and aired it out a little more. It still has some of that "new camper" smell and I hate it because it's chemical fumes, just like the "new car" smell is.
We are still looking for another dog. Our poor Bailey is just lost and lonely. She's 10 years old, but I just don't see us ever being without a dog. I love the protection that they offer. If someone is in our driveway or yard, they bark. I always know that my kids are safe too. Not to mention that they are just great companions.
I was honestly shocked to see how much a shelter dog costs. $200-$300 for a shelter dog is just crazy. I realize that they have spayed/neutered them and updated their shots, AND that a puppy would cost just as much during their first visit to a vet, but puppies are trainable and, well, they're puppies :o) Half the fun of getting a new puppy is that they are little puppies :o)
We'll just keep our eyes open for a good deal, or a cute puppy :o) It has to be a big dog because it will be outside. We can't have a dog inside because of P. We tried it before and all she does is chase it down and grab it. She doesn't know not to hurt it. I worry that she'll either hurt the puppy or it will hurt her. I couldn't live with myself if she got bit.

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  1. Yesterday WAS a gorgeous day...I kept thinking the same thing "Why can't every day be like this??"

    Good luck on the dog search. I'm always partial to rescue dogs. Have you tried petfinder.com?