July 3, 2009

You are what you eat...

As many of you know, we feed our kids and all natural diet. I just can't read a bottle of something like pancake syrup, and see that they have maybe ONE real ingredient in there, and then dump it all over my kids' pancakes. You'd really be safer to feed your kids the dirt in your yard than the chemically produced foods that they sell these days. With all of the resources out there, there is no reason why we can't ALL eat a natural diet. There are local farms that sell humanely raised, grass fed meats. And the Feingold Program will help you find all of the foods in your local Walmart supercenter, or other grocery store, that are natural.

I received an email from Mother Earth News today and it had a story out of Rolling Stone Magazine about Smithfield Foods, a horrible and environmentally terroristic hog farming company. They abuse the animals, pollute the local water and land, and make the neighbors so sick that they can't leave their homes at times for fear of passing out in their yard from the caustic fumes.
Click HERE to get to the Mother Earth News story and then click on "profile" for the rest of the story.

Then click HERE to go to eatwild, and find a farmer that produces healthy, grass fed, and humanely treated animals in your area.

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