June 19, 2008

I'm starting over...

I started a blog a while ago and it kind of went astray. I was posting about all kinds of different things and it really didn't follow any kind of theme at all. I'm going to try again and see if I can keep this one on track :o)
I'm the Mommy to 4 great kids. 5 if you count the daughter that we've been trying to get here from Texas since August to adopt.
"A" is 6, "W" is 4.5, "P" is 4, and "J" is 2.
We are possibly open to more adoptions, but just taking it one at a time. Right now it's a handful having so many that are so young and close in age. "P" and our daughter that will soon be joining us both have Angleman Syndrome. www.angelman.org They are both like 10-12 month olds, are non-verbal, and will walk someday but right now they use wheelchairs.
We are also going to be doing some more foster care. I'm not sure how many kids we'll be getting but we are willing to take 4 at this time.
So, anways, I'm going to try and keep this more about family and things that have to do with family. We'll see how it goes...lol.

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