June 27, 2008

Mmmm another good recipe

This morning we were off to the pool again for "P"'s weekly aqua therapy. She did really well. Then we came home and had lunch and the rain ended just in time for the older 2 to go outside and play. "J" took his nap and I put "P"'s new AFO's on her feet and she did a little walking around with her walker. She's such a hard little worker. Then I had her keep them on for a while to start getting used to wearing them all the time. She doesn't get around much when they are on so we'll have to work on that. She's pretty laid back and if it's too much work to hop around she'll just chill and play with whatever is within reach. I think if she has them on and gets used to them we'll see her trying to pull to stand more often and hopefully get her walking soon. She's already 45 lbs and it gets hard to lift her all the time. I kind of dread the day she can walk though because with the mental capacity of a 10 month old she'll be hell on wheels :o) She already gets into everything within reach and if she's on her feet not only will we have to put locks on all of the drawers (already did the cabinets - thanks "J" for teaching her how much fun the dishes are :o) but have to keep all surfaces clear too. As it is she'll get on her knees and grab whatever is on the dining room table or my desk and just start tossing, lol. She absolutely LOVES the sound of things hitting the ground and then she'll look at me and wait for me to notice like "oops, did I do THAT - hehe". She's such a honey and gets away with everything, lol. Nobody is allowed to yell at her and the other kids know that even if she's ripping their hair out they aren't allowed to ever hit her. She doesn't know any better and they know that if you don't want her to pull your hair then keep your hair away from her. Same goes with glasses, anything paper, prized possessions, etc.
Anyways, since we go through almost a loaf per day, the Amish blueberry and chocolate chip bread is down to 1 loaf so I baked again tonight. I made banana bread that has 1/2 wheat flour in it. "P" and I just shared a piece (the other kids are in bed) and it tasted great but was still pretty hot. I'll try it again in the morning and let you know how it turned out :o) I really wish I would've started another Amish starter last week when I finished the last one because it's such good bread. Now I have to wait the 10 days again :O( I had thought I'd frozen some a few times back but I can't find it. I'll have to look again because I'd be SO happy if I had some. I only have 3 loaves of banana bread so it won't last long.
I can't even tell you how much satisfaction I get out of feeding my kids homebaked food. I absolutely love it. I know not everyone has the time or space but if you can do just a little bit it's SO worth it. They eat homebaked breads for breakfast and somewhat homebaked wheat buns for lunch (Rhodes frozen dough - they're all natural). I just got a KitchenAid mixer so I have to get on those bread recipes and find one to make because buying Rhodes gets a little expensive with a big family. A bag of 24 Texas Wheat rolls costs just over $4 and lasts only a few days. It's much easier to do rolls than slicing bread because the kids can hold them together better. The bread ends up falling apart because they pick it up and put it down a million times. I had been mixing up loaves of bread in the bread machine and then baking it in the oven but it's kind of a waste of time to drag everything out for 1 loaf and also run the oven for 1 loaf. I want to find a good wheat bread recipe that makes a bunch of rolls. You just take the dough and roll it into a long snake and cut off pieces, set them on a greased pan, cover them to rise, and then bake them. The last 3 steps are the same as making the Rhodes so it's just the mixing and cutting part that's extra. I'll post a recipe if I find a good one.
My garden is finally taking off good. I planted a bunch of stuff and am hoping on learning how to can things this year. So if anyone has any tips or good sites for canning I'd love to hear about it. The easier the better :o) We'll see, I'll probably end up freezing a lot of it. I planted 24 tomato plants! We don't really eat a lot of them but we do use tomato sauce and salsa. I made homemade salsa once and froze it to see how it would hold up and it did great. My salsa is to die for. I'll try to post the recipe for it soon :o)


  1. 24 tomato plants? Good Lord girl!!! High five to a fellow baker. My kids have come to call the white bread in the store "glue bread". They have pretty much lived on homemade bread. Spoiled brats they are :)

  2. My kids too eat mostly homebaked bread. I'll send you via email a copy of the bread recipe I use, you can make it with honey!!! Also, my dad is going to be teaching a bunch of us canning stuff this fall at my house and you are soooo welcome to join us! He's been canning since before he was born. Tee hee.