June 26, 2008

New legs and new wheels for "P"

Today we went to Gillette and picked up "P"'s new set of AFO's for her legs. These ones have hinges on them so she can move her foot up and down. Hopefully it will help her with pulling to stand and also being able to keep them on more. Right now she gets around by hopping on her hands and knees and when her foot has to be flexed at a 90 degree angle it adds quite a bit of drag so she doesn't wear them very often. They're so cute with little pink, purple, and blue butterflies all over them. I'll have to take a pic and put it on here when I get the chance.
She also got to try out a couple of adaptive tricycles. We have to order her one and we want to make sure we get the right size. She just loved it and was SO cute.
Gramma's pool is finally warmed up so I'm sure the older 2 will be in it tomorrow if we have time. "P" has aqua therapy in the morning so maybe the older 2 can stay home with Gramma and go swimming. We'll see. They've been dying to get in it since she put it up but it had to warm up. I'm not such a fan of pools because I'm so worried about one of the kids getting into it and drowning. We don't have anything next to it for them to get into it and I told them if they so much as touch it without permission it will be gone. Hopefully they'll listen. They're both pretty respectful of water and know how dangerous it is.
I found out today that our crib is recalled. "J" still sleeps in it and will for a while so I wonder how they are going to deal with that. I filled out the online form and they are supposed to be sending a voucher to get a new one. I wouldn't doubt if they first send a box so we can send the board with the serial number on it to prove that we actually have it. I'm sure they won't wonder what we'll use in the mean time. We'll have to go and buy something else and then they'll send us a voucher for a crib at Babies R Us?? I can just see it now. We'll see what happens.


  1. Sounds like things have been mighty busy for ya, busy momma. Just one thing after another...treat yourself to another loaf of bluberry bread!

  2. Glad that "P" is getting new AFO's and that they bother to make them cute now. My cousin's were so bug-ugly! Same with wheelchairs, it seems like they have so many more options now for kids, which just rocks--his was like carting a dinosaur around and was as heavy as an adult sized on (probably more, actually, with all the padding). YAY "P"!
    I feel you on the pool situation. I'm so tired of draining the pool each time we use it, but I can't think of another way to get around it. Also, we don't have a cover and the bugs get real obnoxious.