June 24, 2008

I got me quite the sunburn today

Ok, I should be in bed right now but I'm such a night owl that I can never get there. I was up until 1 am last night and now I'm pushing midnight. I'll pay for it one night soon when "P" decides to pull an all-nighter and I'm exhausted.
Today we went to a homeschooler get together that had various venders that serve homeschoolers or that are fun things to do. There was also the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4H, etc. It was at a great park that had 3 different play areas and the kids were SO excited about that. There were probably 200 people there.
The sun was at my back while I was watching the kids play and I had worn a tank top to help get rid of this awful farmer tan that I got earlier in the Summer, so I got quite the sun burn. It's all good though because I think I accomplished my goal. Yes, I know it's not healthy but it happens sometimes.
We were there for 2 hours and then we got home and had lunch so I could bring "P" to speech therapy. Gramma came and sat with the other 3 because "J" needed his nap and they really didn't want to go to the school and play outside while "P" got her therapy for 1/2 hour since we'd just gotten done playing outside.
I'd gotten 4 voicemails while I was gone to the park and thought that sitting outside on the bench at the school would be a nice and peaceful place to return calls for 1/2 hour. I should've just skipped the calls and took a nice nap on the bench instead :o) Our adoption worker had called and they want to arrange a conference call with "A2's" Foster Mom and caseworker and me and my caseworker for sometime next month to answer any questions we may have about her. Then we can arrange to fly down and spend a few days getting to know her. Then about 2 weeks later the caseworker and a nurse will fly her up here. That all makes no sense to me. We have been waiting since Aug to get her here and like we finally want to meet her and then come home without her? And who better to help on the plane than 2 people who not only are going to be her parents but who have a child just like her at home and are pros at it. I can't imagine the caseworker has ever spent a whole day with her and since she doesn't have any medical needs I'm sure the nurse is just with to change diapers or whatever. They would be better off with a daycare worker because it's all about quality entertainment, proper distraction, and killer snacks, lol. Anyways, we'll see how it goes but I'm hoping they'll change the plan and just let us fly home with her and have the caseworker come with if she feels the need.
The other calls had to do with the boys. They are both going to be getting MRI's done the end of next week to see if and how much brain damage they have from their birthmom's alcohol and drug use. It's not something we can fix but it will definitely let us know if they are getting all the help they need. It will also do wonders for our parenting because it will give us something to go by as far as expectations for them. If you know your child has a certain amount of damage in a certain part of their brain you will know what it is that they will struggle with and can prepare ahead and also have more patience for those types of things. 60% of people with FASD will end up dead or incarcerated by the age of 30 because they will learn what we all learn but have no common sense to go with it. They might know how to use a gun but not realize that someone will die if they point it at them and pull the trigger. Or they might not realize the consequences of drinking and driving or doing drugs. It's like an adult with the common sense of a 6 year old. I'm hoping that they will find nothing or very little because it will break my heart to see them go down the road that many do as adults with FASD and not be able to help them. But if they do have damage we will get them every help we can to overcome as many issues as we can while they are still young enough to be directed and are willing to learn.
On another note. I almost cried this morning because I had to send my laptop (finally) with my hubby to drop off at Best Buy to get the LCD screen replaced and the fans cleaned. I have the one with the 17" widescreen and in January the right side of the screen died and became a bunch of pretty verticle lines. Since I still had half of the screen left I just minimized my browser down and used it that way until now. My hubby has a laptop but he also uses it in the evening when the kids are in bed and I really didn't want to share :o) Then I remembered that my parents have this pretty new desktop computer that they don't use now that they live in their 5th wheel and bought a laptop. I pulled it out of their storage and set it up and I'm good to go. The keyboard is taking a little getting used to because I'm not used to such big keys but I'm getting there. This is good practice :o) I think I might keep it here once I get mine back - in about 2 weeks - so that I'll have it for the kids for their homeschooling. This way I'll have two computers right by each other and the 2 older kids can both play at the same time instead of hearing "is it my turn yet?" :o) There are some great educational sites for them to learn from like Starfall (see list at left) and we also have lots of learning software.
Anyways, I'm off to bed.


  1. You poor girl! Sunburns stink. The red tape around A2's (ha ha ha) adoption is just silly. Like you would have no idea how to care for her....
    Anyhow, glad to hear that everything else is still going well. Take care!

  2. A NURSE will have to fly home with her? She is in a medically needy home, I guess they have to keep pretending she has medical needs! I am so sorry, that just really stinks that you will not get to bring her home with you, makes me angry! I'll be so, so happy when she is with you and your hubby and her new brothers and sisters! She will be in heaven!