June 22, 2008

Ooh WOW!

I just tried the Blueberry Amish Friendship Bread that I made. Ooh my, ooh my. I could eat all 4 loaves of it. I linked to the starter and bread recipe on my last post but I wanted to come and tell my recipe changes because it turned out SO GOOD!
I substituted half of the oil for all natural applesauce - no sugar added, and half of the white flour for wheat flour.
And I added about a cup of blueberries.
It tastes wonderful, is moist, has a little crunch to the top and is healthy to boot. The wheat flour made it a little heavier too so it will stick with ya longer :o) You can't even tell the wheat is there either - I promise :o)
Anyways, if you get yours started going tonight you'll have some of this wonderful bread in about 10 days, lol. Or you could just stop over and try some of mine, hehe.
Also wanted to mention that last time I substituted all of the oil for the applesauce and that also turned out great.
Happy Cooking!


  1. I think that I've got to try this bread out....love, love, love yummy bread!

  2. When I was pregnant with one of the kids, it was not uncommon for me to eat an entire loaf of Amish Friendship bread myself.So I can totally understand your comment about wanting to eat all four loaves!