June 22, 2008

Enjoying the smells of home cooking

I suppose I could almost title every post "another busy day", lol. This morning we spent a little time watching some cartoons and then went outside to do a little yard clean up. We have 2 sheds out behind our house and behind them is a ton of crap that I can't stand. Most of it was just misc. lumber from when we built our kids' playhouse/swingset - thank you Menards :o) And the rest was from when hubby redid the deck out front and added "P"s wheelchair ramp. We are burning the old cedar and the other stuff might end up on Freecycle because I'm sure some bird house maker, etc. would love lots of pretty new lumber scraps.
We found a couple of little snakes and "A" just about screamed her head off all the way up to the house and then whined about it for as long as she could get away with it. "W" was all interested and then screamed like a little girl and took off running when he saw it. Mr. "I'm going snake hunting" apparently wasn't as into them as he thought, lol. Then later, when it started raining, and we were going into the house, "W" decided to call his sister a "scaredy cat". I guess he can't wrap his own little lack of bravery around his little head, lol. I asked him what he was teasing her about because if I can recall correctly there were 2 little kids running away. He says "but now I decided that I'll be brave". I said "well lets go snake hunting then" and he says "I think I'll go later", lol.
Anyways, we got the lumber pile moved before the rain started and we'll have to do the rest another weekend. We want to move the one shed over to the other side of the yard so the kids can put their toys and bikes in it. I want to clean the other one out, move it back about 50 feet and then fix it up for the dogs with new fencing - probably electric. Right now they have a 30x30 kennel off the back of the garage and a 5x20 kennel in the garage. It's all chain link and when they want to escape they just rip it apart. I thought chain link would hold black labs but apparently it doesn't. Fireworks and lightening freak my older dog out and then she just has to get out. Unfortunately fireworks are my neighbor kids' favorite toys so it happens quite often. I want the garage back and also don't like the back door open all the time to let the bugs, mice, snakes, birds, etc. in. Once the shed is moved back we'll use the slab that it was on for a little basketball pad with the freestanding hoop on it.
I finally got around to doing some more baking tonight and made Amish Friendship bread with blueberries in it. My house smells like a bakery (hence my title) and the kids have been brought from their beds to see what that wonderful smell is :o) I told them that it's their breakfast - and go back to bed, lol. I think I'll cut some for Daddy and "P" when it cools since they're still up.
And as I sit here typing I watch the news and hear that they found that Autistic man that had been missing for days. It brought tears to my eyes. As the parent of a special needs child I think things like that really hit me deeply because it's something that will always be a fear of mine as my little Angels grow up. "P" has Angelman Syndrome and we are in the process of waiting for another daughter that will be joining us, through another adoption, that also has it. Her name also starts with an 'A' so I'm going to have to get creative - maybe A2 :o) She's 7 so she'll be my oldest but like "P", she'll be like a baby/toddler forever. Mommy's little sweeties!

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  1. Wow. That Angelman's website is so informative! It was very fascinating to read and you are such a trooper. Not only are you a good momma to "P", "W", "J", and "A" but you are willing to help out other kids too! I'm in awe of your super-mama skills and dedication. Hugs, hugs, hugs!