June 21, 2008

Major miles today

Today was another busy day. I weeded the garden and some parts of the yard and then put the sprinklers back out since Dave had mowed before I went out there and had to move them. Then I transplanted some trees that he had removed to see if they'll grow. We have little trees just sprouting up all over our yard but do you think they could end up in the places where we want them? :o) So, we'll see if they make it. I watered them a ton. Daddy and the older 3 kids ran through the sprinkler for a bit since the weather was SO nice and Gramma's pool isn't quite warm enough to swim yet. It's up 10 degrees from yesterday though :o)
Then around 1:30 I came in and bathed all the kids, got them all gussied up and then got myself ready and we went to a graduation party that was 80 miles away. We got there, ate, visited a little and played with the kids and then came home. That was a lot of driving for one day. I'm SSSOOOOO thankful for the TV that's in the van. Nothing like traveling in peace :O) We ran into a little rain one the way home and the kids got to see an awesome double rainbow. Only one of them showed up in the picture but it's kind of cool to see the end of the rainbow in the field though.
We got home just after 8 and put the kids to bed. Then I cleaned the kitchen, swept the floors, read the newspapers, folded a basket of laundry, hauled out the garbage and compost and now it's 11:20 and I'm doing this :o)


  1. Really enoying reading your blog...you certainly are one very busy mom!! - Amy

  2. I can't believe how much you guys drive around! Here I am complaining about a 35 mile drive to Elk River, and you are driving 80 to a graduation. I gotta start sucking it up! :-)