June 20, 2008

A great day!

Today was a busy day. "P" had aquatherapy in the morning. Then I cleaned the upstairs bathrooms, vaccumed, cleaned up the kitchen and dining rooms and did some laundry. Around 2:00 my Grandparents came to visit from up north. They visited with my parents for a while and then they all come over for dinner. Then, just as I was putting the kids to bed at 7:45 my brother called and he and his 2 girls had just arrived and were over at my Mom and Dad's 5th wheel (out in our yard). He wanted to know if the kids could come out and play. I sent the older 2 out and then a little bit later sent the younger 2 out since the adults were outside sitting and could watch them. Then my brother told my Mom to come and have me come out and visit.
Long story short, my husband and I don't get along with my sister in law so she doesn't want us around HER kids or my brother. I kept my distance because I don't want her to not allow them at my parents' place because I come around. That's their house and even though it's in my yard they deserve their privacy so I stay away from that side of the yard when they have company unless I'm invited over.
So anyways, it was nice to see my nieces and my brother for a bit and the kids had a blast.  I usually just send "A" because they have 2 girls and it's all girlie stuff and "W" would be bored out of his mind and just be looking for trouble - he is a 4 year old boy after all :o)

Anyways, it was a great day and I got lots of pics of the kids all together. It isn't often that my Mom get pics of all 6 Grandkids together. Actually, I don't think she ever has gotten a pic of them all together. A great day indeed :o)

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  1. Super sad about the family troubles. You know a bunch of mine, so believe me when I say that I understand. It's hard when folks can't pull their heads out for a nice fresh breath of air.