June 30, 2008

My Hubby is home!

I hadn't posted about it - for obvious reasons - but my hubby was out of town for 5 days on his annual camping trip with his friends up north. They camp on an island, drink, fish, and drink like fish for several days and he gets it out of his system for the year :o) They've been doing it since they were 17 - not so much drinking back then - I'm assuming, lol. He comes back with a killer tan and even though I've gotten some color so far this year I now look like a snowflake next to him - again! It makes for a long week for me but I don't mind because, unlike some husbands, he doesn't hang out at the bar every evening or weekend with his friends all year long. We're pretty much homebodies and spend our time with our kids - outside of him working. We put most of our money into our home so it's a nice place to hang out and there's fun things to do. We are VERY like minded so it makes life much easier because we don't disagree about much :o)
Today is going to be all about cleaning and organizing the house. We're going to be doing some more foster care and our caseworker is coming today for another visit. I think sometimes when you are willing to have so many kids in your house they think there's something wrong with you, lol. We aren't intending on adopting any more of the foster kids because once "A2" gets here we'll have 5 and then we're keeping our last adoption open for our boys' little brother who just turned 1. We don't know if and when he'll be coming but he needs to be with his brothers so we'll be waiting. However, we'll see because it's really easy to get attached to the little buggers :o)
I'll post some pics of the kids when I get my laptop back. They are all on there and the new pics are on my camera and I don't want to download them onto another computer and have them all over the place. I don't post the kids' names because we don't want to be found on a name search by certain people, but I can put pics :o)
Well, I better get moving on this house. I only have a couple of hours and there's a lot to do :o)


  1. Its nice that you can let your hubby get it out of his system. I think there are a lot of chicks out there that don't get that. You sound like you have a great relationship. My hubby does a week long hunting trip in November and gets all his crazies out. The rest of the time he's all mine. And that's ok with me. Its good for him and its good for me so its good for us!

  2. I wish my hubby had buddies to do this with! Right now, it's a sometimes-night-out with his brother, but very rare. That's so great that he kept some friends from his youth--my hubby had really nasty friends (you don't even want to know!) so he chucked them when he went to college.
    How great that you open your home to kids in need. For his (and your) sake, I hope that baby gets to come be with his brothers. Those folks need to get fixed!