July 5, 2008

MRI's and the crib :o)

It's been a few days so I thought I'd update. The boys had their MRI's on Thursday and did wonderfully. "J" had to take the little red cup of relaxant and it gave him the runs later in the day because of the red dye. Hopefully we'll get the results back early next week and we are hoping they are good. My hubby had taken the morning away from the office and when he called in to see how things were going his office manager told him just to stay home and enjoy his long weekend. He has such a hard time missing a day at the office because he always thinks the world will fall apart while he's gone. And it very well could but he has to learn to trust his employees.
I finally heard back on our recalled crib and, as I expected, they sent an envelope and we need to take the whole thing apart and send all the screws and the spring plates back to them so they can send the voucher for the new crib. YEAH WHATEVER!!! "J" is 2 1/2 and the boy needs to be caged, lol. So I called Babies R Us and they said that I can buy a new one, then send the parts back to get the voucher, and then bring the voucher and my receipt in for my refund. HOWEVER, have you seen the selection of cribs at Babies R Us lately? They have NOTHING! The voucher is going to be for $275 and since I need a white one with a drop down side I have about 2 to chooses from and they are either $199 or over $300. And with the voucher, if you don't spend it all on the crib you lose it. So, then I went to the district manager and she said that I could order one online and they will reimburse when the voucher comes AND they will cover the shipping. That's great but the ones I found online are not available anymore. Apparently they are in the process of phasing out a bunch and getting in some new lines of cribs. SO, I will wait and wait until the new ones come in and hope that none of the slats come out in the mean time and hurt "J". He should be fine because he doesn't play in it and I'm always in the next room since his bedroom is between the dining/kitchen/living area and my bedroom.
Anyways, I guess in the end it will work out because since his crib is a convertable one we can still use the front and back panels for the headboard and footboard of a bed like we were planning on doing anyways. We'll just have to go and get some new screws :o)


  1. Ridiculous! How can they expect you to send half the thing back before getting a new one? Where's he supposed to sleep until then? On a headboard and footboard? Weird. I detest Babies R Us. Overpriced for the most part and then you see a bunch of crap you don't need and yet...suddenly want! What's the deal with the voucher only being good there? Is Babies R Us getting some kind of weird kickback from that? Grrrr.

  2. Cribs. Grr. Sounds like a lot of work. I don't get what you are supposed to do until you get the new one, according to them? Sarah has it right. Sleep on the headboard and footboard? Corporate America sucks. I am starting to think none of them have actual living breathing children!