July 5, 2008

4th of July!

We had a really fun 4th. We took turns sleeping in so we could catch up on the sleep we had missed the day before (we had to get up at 4:45 to go for the boys' MRI's!). We had some lunch and Daddy took the older 3 with him to the store to get their hot dogs for our evening cookout. Then the older 3 went out to the pool with Daddy to swim with Grandma and Grandpa. This was the first swim of the year since it took so long for the pool to finally warm up. Them when "J" got up from his nap I took him out and he got to swim too. They had a blast. Later on we had our cookout and the kids' other Grandma (Grandpa was working) came over to visit. We spent the evening relaxing and then Grandma and Grandpa took the older 2 kids to see the fireworks and they had a blast.
Hubby and I are not big fans of huge crowds so we don't do much on the 4th and it's nice because it's not quite so stressful :o)
Today and tomorrow we are going to be doing lots of yard and house things. We have lots of projects planned and only so many weekends to do them. We have to build a fence around the garden to keep the rabbits, deer and everything else out, clean out the sheds and move them, build a new dog kennel that's not attached to the garage and put some electric fence in there somewhere since they rip chain link apart with their teeth, figure out what we want to do with our landscaping in the front and buy it this Fall when it's all really cheap, keep pulling all the sandbur plants out of the yard because they just multiply every year, stain the decks and the kids' playset, fix where the current dog kennel is, and put in a wood stove either outside or one in the garage. Inside the house we need to clean out a bedroom that's currently used for storage so we can use it for foster kids, put up new bi-fold doors in there, replace the flooring in the kitchen and dining area and put up some kind of railing or half wall between the kitchen/dining area and the living room to keep the Angels (P & A2) out of the kitchen/dining area. I think a railing would be the best because then I will still be able to see them while I'm cooking in the kitchen and they'll still be able to see me. We also want to ceramic tile the front entry where the wheelchairs come in because they bring in lots of snow and I don't want nasty carpet/water problems, and the garage entryway/laundry/bath area because it's the same nasty laminate that the kitchen/dining is and it's old. I would also like to get a new, bigger fridge and replace the countertops because they are a couple of the things in the house that are still original and they are getting old. This house was built in 1994 and we bought it in 2001. When we moved in there was new carpet in the living room and the whole basement. We thought that was great! Then about 2 weeks after moving in we were told by the neighbors that there had been quite the drama in our house about 2 months before we moved in and that's why it was empty when we bought it. Apparently the lady that lived here was kind of on the sleezy side, lol. She divorced her husband right after he had had it built for her and then had lots of boyfriends in and out over the few years that she lived here. She had 2 kids that were about 12 and 14 and I guess she was never here to supervise them so they were always causing trouble. One day the daughter's boyfriend/male friend got all drugged up and had robbed the Pizza Works and a gas station in town and then came to the house here. The cops found out he was here so when they got here he took her and her little brother hostage. Then he flipped out and started shooting holes all over the house. Then we went downstairs, into the utility room and climbed into the rafters down there. He climbed up over the bathroom that's next to the utility room and they don't know if he slipped or did it on purpose but he shot himself in the head. They had to rip out the popcorn ceiling in the bathroom to get him out of the ceiling down there. They had the Life Flight come in and get him and during it all they had the SWAT team out there and had all the roads blocked off. So, I'm sure there was blood galore and that probably explains the new carpet in the whole basement and the living room upstairs. And I can't forget the nice shiny new ceiling in the basement bathroom :o) Plus she had to patch and paint all of the walls that he shot holes into. That was lovely because she used our house to practice some really psycho painting techniques, lol. Guess what we did the day we moved in?
Anyways, when we found this out I was just sick to my stomach. Was he dead or alive and did he die in my house! What if he was alive and came back to see them and here's pregnant little me at home by myself. I called the police and they couldn't tell me anything because he was a minor. I told them that this was MY house and I had to live here and I at least needed to know where he was and if he was coming back. She said she'd talk to the higher ups and let me know what she could. She called back and said that he was alive and in jail, pending his trial, and that he'd be getting put away for a long time. So, I felt better. Nobody died in my house and the crazy freak wasn't coming back to get me :o) I am dreading the day that we have to rip up the living room carpet because if it's all blood stained on the subfloor I'm gonna puke.
Wow, sorry this got so long and off topic but I thought that I'd explain because it's pretty interesting :o)


  1. Wow. Your 4th is way busier than mine. lol. I can't believe all the stuff you want to do, lady! You are a "gettin' stuff done" machine!

  2. Nice story about your house. We had a similarly creepy story about the house I grew up in...and live in again. And supposedly happened right where my bed currently is. I hope you don't find anymore surprises anywhere! Sounds like you had a nice 4th...I don't blame you for avoiding the crowds. Nothing good ever comes from a crowd!