July 5, 2008

mmmmm Homemade Marshmallows!!!!!

Today we just hung around the house again and the kids and Daddy swam in the pool again with Grandma while I cooked homemade Marshmallows! EVERYONE loved them so they were a hit. I don't eat them since I'm a vegetarian and they have gelatin in them. It's probably a good thing because they'd blow my diet :o) The recipe seems hard but it's really not. I got the coating of powdered sugar to stick to the pan by rinsing the pan with water and then drying it with a paper towel so it stayed a little moist and it would stick. The kids have been wanting them for a while since they can't have the store bought ones and you always want what you can't have :o)
What I thought was funny is that they are pure white, so why the heck do the store bought white ones have artificial colors in them. Are they not bright enough so they need a little blue??? Definitely will have to make them again but I want to see how they store for now before I go and make a ton of them. Not so great for the teeth either since they are sugar, sugar and more sugar, so it won't be a regular thing, lol.
Then the kids went downstairs to watch a movie with Daddy after supper and I cleaned and did laundry for a while. Now it's almost 11 pm and I'm off to bed. I wanted to do some baking today but it's too darn hot and the AC has a hard enough time keeping up since we didn't get a bigger one when we added on. That little baby works SO hard - I think I can, I think I can, lol.


  1. Ooohh, you are going to fatten up my children....good!

    BTW, we've got a genetics appt. for "F"--in March of '09! Gotta love that timetable!

  2. You absolutely rock. You inspire me to be a better "farm mama". What could be cooler than homemade marshmallows? I've only had them once, and never made them myself. You are one groovy chick!