July 26, 2008

I'm so bummed!

I just spent 10 days making Amish Friendship Bread starter, only to have it mold on the day I was supposed to use it :o( I guess I didn't keep it covered well enough. I'm not a fan of using the plastic zip lock bags to make it so I've been using a glass bowl with saran wrap. Well, now I have a new one started in a plastic gallon sized bag. Hopefully in 10 days we'll have Amish Friendship Bread.

On the upside, we got out tax returns back and we will be going to look for campers today. I'm still not really sure what I want. I have a few things that I'm looking for but we'll see when we get there. I had thought that lots of beds would be nice but maybe lots of open space might be nicer. We can always use a blow up mattress for a bed and then store it on top of our bed during the day. Maybe an end kitchen to keep the stove away from the kids would be nice. Either that or an end living room so they can play away from the stove. My Hubby says that it doesn't matter anyways because we won't be in there and he'll probably be cooking outside on our portable gas grill. Men aren't always very forward thinking though. What if it's raining or super hot. "P" and "A2" don't handle heat well. Plus there are things that he'll do with the other kids that they can't do and I'll be hanging out with them in the camper some. Anyways, we'll see.

We are also going to stop and look at wood stoves. We want to get an outside one. We had thought that one in the garage would be nice but then I wonder about safety with the kids. Especially foster kids. I'd hate for someone to touch it and get burned or open it. My kids listen pretty well about things like that but foster kids are a whole nother story.
The real outdoor ones are pretty expensive so we're going to get the smaller outdoor one that goes into a shed. We have a nice big shed outside so we'll put the stove and some wood on one side and then build a little rail and put the dog house on the other side. That way we can get the dog kennel out of the garage and take down the big outdoor dog kennel and put up in-ground fencing for them that goes around the shed and out into the back. They'll have plenty of running room but we won't have poop all over the yard :o)


  1. Do you have A2 yet?!?
    I'm so excited to meet her. Did you see that post on the NWMH site that Lisa (a new Lisa, lol) has a friend with a daughter with Angelman's?

    Good luck on the camper search! Poo on the bad starter! I made homemade cream cheese and ice cream yesterday and it is sooooooo goooooood!

  2. We don't have "A2" yet. Hopefully we'll be getting her in a few weeks. Her case worker is working on flights right now. We have to fly down, stay for 3 days and fly back with her and her caseworker.