July 15, 2008

We're home...

We left on Friday morning to go camping up north. My hubby had a softball tournament so we had my parents come up with their 5th wheel and camp so we could camp with them. Otherwise I couldn't go with the kids and it's in our hometown so it's fun to visit everyone.
We came home last night because we were getting another round of storms and it was supposed to rain all day today. We left at 7:30 so then the kids could sleep and not be up all night. Good thing we left because I saw the radar at 11 pm and they were getting hammered up there. I called my Mom and they were at the new Super Walmart there taking shelter. We had taken shelter at my best friends house on Friday evening because of storms so I'm glad we didn't have to do it again. That's one thing that sucks with a big family. When something bad happens you just feel like you are completely unable to help them all. Who would I grab first? I've always been completely terrified of bridges and now that they've had one fall down and a few more that are closed I'm really scared of them. Every time I go across one with my kids in the van I could just puke. I'm tempted to buy little arm floaties for them all - no kidding! I told my hubby that if we ever moved it would be where there are no rivers. I grew up next to the Mississippi and had to cross it every day. Now I live 5 miles away from it, on the other end of the state, and have to cross it all the time too.
Anyways, it was a fun weekend but the weather was terrible. His first game was on Saturday at 9 am. It was windy and cold and the other team didn't show up. The next one was later that day and it got SO windy that it was taking "P"'s breath away and the sand was also blowing in our faces so we left. The next game it was raining and then their last game was Sunday at 1 and that was the time that we had schedule for "W"'s birth Dad and Gramma to come and visit him at his Aunt's house, so we missed that game too, lol.
We got to visit family and celebrate the Summer birthdays with the cousins so that was fun. The kids got to go fishing and caught a bunch so Grandpa cleaned them up and they all had fish for supper. "A" didn't like it, of course and "W" could've eaten it all, of course, lol. I have a feeling "A" got grossed out because Gramma made a big deal out of them being able to eat the fish that they had caught. NNNAAASSSTTTYYYY, lolol. Can you tell I'm a vegetarian :O)
We also went and looked at outdoor woodstoves since almost everything seems to be cheaper up there. Holy MAN! It's going to be about $10,000 for one of those babies!
So, anyways, the weather sucked but it usually does when we are there. It's either 100 and humid or it's 70, windy and rainy and either way being outside sucks.
We are looking into getting a camper though because we really enjoyed it and it would be SO fun to be able to camp more often. Definitely on the priority list :o) FINALLY, lol.

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