August 9, 2008


Hubby had his end of the season softball tournament today so we all packed up and went to the fields. It's so much fun because he's been playing with these guys for years now and they all just adore our kids.
Since it was a beautiful day today I got a sunburn. "A" and "W" have such coppertone tans that they don't get any burns anymore. I had "P" under the shade of her clip-on umbrella but she still got a little bit of a burn :o( and "J" got some on his face. Hubby says that "J" has to be a member of the aryan race because the kid does NOT tan. He's as white as a sheet, and he gets outside often enough that he shouldn't be. Of course he's got the light blonde hair and blue eyes to go with it. I don't know what his ethnic heritage is but he's certainly not Indian! I have Cherokee in me so that's where "A" and "P" get their dark tans. "W"s family seems to have some Indian in them too because they all have dark hair and seem to tan pretty well. I'll have to ask his Aunt the next time I talk to her - or if you read this you could put it in a comment :o)
When we got home we had supper and then the older 2 went swimming in the pool with Gramma. Hubby had a headache from all the heat and activity and I had bread to bake and things to do so I didn't go. Everyone should sleep well tonight :o)

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  1. Hey fellow Cherokee chick! We should start up our own homeschooling band of Cherokee. Ahh, the things we'd do!
    Anyhow, as far as I know I'm an 1/8th and that's about all I know about it because my family didn't decide to keep track. Sad, huh? I wanna know more! Oh and my great-grandma's maiden name was Whitehead (which strikes me as a yucky last name, but there it is). How do you do geneology on that?!?
    Anyhow, dig ya on the tanning and burning. I burn hardly ever, but K burns the minute she is visible in sunlight! Her daddy is Finnish though, so that does explain some of it. Those pale blondes!