August 9, 2008

You like my buns?? lol

I have been trying to get the high fructose corn syrup out of the kids' diet too so I tried out a homemade Super Quick Whole Wheat Buns recipe tonight to see how it went. So far so good. They cooked up nice, and hubby and I tore a little piece off of one of them and they tasted pretty good too :o) I'm not such a whole wheat fan so we'll see how the kids like them since they've probably eaten white bread 5 times in their lives and are quite happy with wheat. I like that I can use honey instead of sugar and really make them healthy, they don't require rising, and the dough isn't all sticky and I can just tear pieces off and roll into buns. They come out pretty much the same size that they go in :o) They were easy to make too, put all the wet in with yeast, let it sit for 15 minutes, add dry, mix, roll into buns, and bake. The only thing I don't like is that because they don't rise, a double batch only made 18 good sized buns and took 7 cups of Whole Wheat flour. For those of you that buy whole wheat flour you know that it comes in little bags and is more expensive. 18 buns will last us about 2-3 days because the kids eat them for lunch and then if we have hamburgers or chicken sandwiches they eat them for supper too. We will also take one and slice it into 3-4 thin pieces and make it into round toast for them when we have eggs and toast. Kids dig round toast because there's no crust, lol.
Maybe next time I'll try one that rises and see if there's a big difference in the amount that it makes. I'm all about saving dough, lol.

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  1. OOOH, new recipe... mmmmm, baking today! Thanks Jen!