August 23, 2008

Camping out

I hate to say it but we have yet to use that camper that we wanted so bad, lol. We got it and then it's been nothing but busy around here so we haven't even gotten anywhere yet. So, hubby A, W, and P are camping out tonight in the yard. They were all so excited to finally get to sleep in it. It's so funny though because my hubby is like "does the wi-fi reach out there?" and I'm like "don't even tell me you're going to go 'camping' and sit out there and watch movies and play games." He's like "yep", roflol. I guess camping doesn't have the same "roughing it" effect that it used to.
We have a spot in the camper for a flat screen tv so we just figured we'd take one of the ones in the house and put it out there when we went camping. It's only 4 screws to get it off the wall mount so it's not hard. Well, we had put one on the wall in the girls' room so that P could watch it at night when she wakes up. It didn't fly though so it doesn't really get used. Well hubby goes to take it down and the whole screen is smashed! You can't see it when it's off but when you turn it on it's all full of cracks. I think I narrowed it down to someone throwing something up in the air and it hit the ceiling fan and BAM - no more tv. Them ceiling fans can really bat things around. OF COURSE, it had to be that invisible kid again - damn invisible kid! LOL. Ooh well, what do you do - can't be pissed at the invisible kid and can't yell at anyone since you don't know who did it. I'd bet that whoever did it didn't even realize what they done at the time because it wasn't visible. I didn't notice it and I'm right in front of it every day. It could've happened weeks ago for all I know because we haven't had that TV on all Summer. I like to have the fans on to help with the cooling bills so who knows.
Anyways, one less tv in the house - BUMMER - NOT! I won't allow tv watching in the kids' rooms anyways. That one was for P to help keep her happy at night, during the night, and it didn't even work so we still have to bring her to our bed during the night.
My Mom and Dad got a new house today. It's actually a 5th wheel but that's what they live in. I love the TV. You push a button and it rises out from the counter over the electric fireplace. They are in our yard for the 6 warmer months of the year and go to Arizona and Texas for the 6 colder months. It's cool to have them there because they have their own house and do their own thing but they are close too. The camper they had before was set up for more people to sleep. They wanted to be able to have room for visitors down South or so the Grandkids could camp with them. I told them they needed to get something for them and we all could sleep on the floor if we came to visit down South. This one is nice because it has recliners and there are 2 slides right across from each other in the living room so it's a really big space. It also has the big kitchen with the bar area so that's right up my Mom's alley because she likes to cook and bake.
It was funny because my Dad was helping my hubby move our camper closer to the house so he could plug it in and when he was cranking down the jack on the tongue he told my Dad "you'd think they'd make an easier way to do this" and my Dad says "ooooh..... they did..... on my house" (insert sly grin) and he pulls out his key ring and says "look, I can even do it from over here with my remote". ROFLOL. My Dad's a hoot!

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  1. Your hubby has camper knew it was only a matter of time.... he he he.

    Glad to hear that you are actually getting into that fun toy!!

    Yep, the days of slinging a bedroll on the ground and starting up the campfire are over. But this way P and A2 get to participate without accidental loss due to nighttime free-range child roaming. :-)

    Take care, have a fabulous day!