August 24, 2008

Can I have a green bean please...

So I haven't been out to the garden in a couple of days and holy cow! I got a whole ice cream bucket of tomatoes out of there today. And then a another whole bucket from my Mom's tomato plants. Most of hers were big tomatoes and most of mine were cherry and grape. Then I also got a bunch of green beans.
I came in and washed them all up and then brought my buckets downstairs to show the kids what I got today since they had helped plant and like to see what we get. They had a couple of grape tomatoes and then W asked if he could have a green bean and I told him that they weren't cooked yet but he didn't care. HE LOVED IT! LOL! It was so funny. Then A wanted one too and she liked them but preferred the tomatoes. I finally had to make them stop eating and told them they could have more with lunch tomorrow. I SO LOVE that my kids eat fruit and veggies like they are candy. I have worked very hard to get them like that. Not by forcing them to eat them but by eating healthy all the time. They don't crave junky fast food because they probably can hardly remember what it tastes like. They love the foods we make and eat them every day.
I switched up A2's diet today. She was getting a little sick of the fattening foods I was giving her. She had cereal for breakfast and then some frozen peas and carrots, meat, and raisins for lunch and loved every bit of it. I, of course, added a bunch of butter to the veggies to add some more fat. I'm waiting until Thursday to weigh her again and see how she's doing. I'm anxious to see if she's gained any more.
Tomorrow we start school! A is excited but W isn't. He's smart but he just doesn't like it. He's someone who would rather ask questions than figure it out himself. We did a bunch of pages in their workbooks the other day just for review and he kept asking me everything. I told him that I already did Kindergarten and I don't want to do it again ;o) He didn't think that was funny :o)

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  1. I love it when they beg for wholesome good food. And then you, all nonchalantly, say "ok, sure".

    We had a lovely picking feast this weekend. Had some rather spectacular homemade organic pizza on Friday, yummy snack-ables on Saturday and then "ham-a-burgers" on Sunday (Trixiespeak for hamburgers with those yummy buns we make now and good for us toppings.

    We start school again today.....cross your fingers for us, it's been a week since we touched anything "curricular". It could get ugly around here.....