August 29, 2008

I'm almost to 1000!

Wow! I never thought that I would get to 1000 on my blog counter so fast! I'm very happy that so many people have found my blog to be interesting. I can honestly say that our life is pretty routine so I'm sure it will get boring from time to time but I'll try to keep it at least a little interesting, lol.
Today we finished up our first week of homeschooling and I think it's going great! My son seems to be bored with his work but while he might know the info, he needs to work on coloring in the lines and penmanship, so repetition is good for him right now. My daughter is equally as bored but I'm sure a lot of it right now is just review. I have discovered that maybe doing just one or two subjects per day might be the best route for us to go. It's such a pain to drag out the Math books, read the assignments, find the pages, bring out the manipulatives and supplies, explain it, and then do it. Then after 2 pages of work, go on to the next subject and drag that and all of it's extra's out too, times 2. Just sticking with Math, Language, Science, Social Studies, or Art for a greater period of time makes it much easier to stay focused and get more done.
We are still not sure what the school schedule is yet. I have to go to school with P on Tuesday for a little bit for her orientation day. She'll be going 2 days per week for sure but maybe more. It just depends on what they have planned for her to do. If she's just sitting on the floor playing with toys then she can do that here at home. This year she'll be in a class with 4-5 year olds instead of 3-4 year olds. A2 will be having her IEP next week sometime and hopefully we'll get her schedule all figured out. J's speech teacher called yesterday and she's going to start coming out on Tuedays again. I asked them to redo the evaluation on him because I think he's come a long way over the Summer and will probably not need speech, however his other skills might still need some work.
We are gearing up for a fun weekend around here. We couldn't get a camp spot last minute so we decided to just stay home and hubby and the kids can camp out again. It should be fun. We also want to get the yard organized and the dog's invisible fencing in. We'll see what we get done, lol. I'm going to start the weekend by going to bed early - goodnight :o)

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  1. You once again have a lot going on!
    The curriculum thing can get old, it did for us. Sometimes it's nice to spice it up a bit, but sometimes you just have to trog through it a bit.

    Have a fabulous weekend!!!