August 30, 2008


I'm not usually one to discuss politics - except for giving my Dad crap for voting for Bush, lol. However, I'm finding that the more I watch all of the campaign stuff that it's getting harder and harder to decide. I really am against the war so that has swayed me towards Obama thus far, but there are other issues that I agree with McCain on. And, of course, any time I hear someone talking so lovingly about home schooling I just get the chills, hehe. I was watching Obama and then McCain being interviewed on FoxNews tonight and it was great to hear what McCain had to say about home schooling.
The candidates were asked about paying schoolteachers based on merit. McCain’s response was “Find bad teachers another line of work.” Pastor Warren interjected and accused McCain of replying too quickly. McCain shot right back, “Can I just say choice and competition, home schooling, charter school vouchers, all the choice competition I want….home schooling works, vouchers in our nation’s capitol works….New York City is reforming….New Orleans now has over 30 charter schools in the city and guess what? It’s all coming up…what kind of opportunity is it if you send them to a failing school?”
I couldn't agree more. Don't give them rewards for doing their jobs. Fire them for not doing their jobs. I remember when I used to work - back in the day :o). I would get a yearly review and get a raise based on my performance. That's fine! But to give someone a bonus for doing their job that they were hired to do is lame. I'm not saying that they don't have a hard job but so do lots of other people and we don't get a reward for showing up every day and doing it.
Anyways, I'm also prolife and I know that everyone has their opinion on that but that's what I am.
I also found it interesting that they talked about adoption. McCain said that his wife had gone overseas to some foreign country to visit Mother Teresa at an orphanage and they had 2 babies that they said weren't going to make it. The next thing he knew he was a new Dad (sounds like something I would do, lol). And now he has a 17 year old daughter to show for it. They talked about how helping people out would make it easier for more people to adopt all of the orphans of the world. I agree with that. I think the adoption process sucks. It takes too long and can cost a lot of money, especially for foreign kids. I think that a lot of able-pregnancied couples would maybe have one or two and adopt one or two if it wasn't such a painstaking process. I can honestly say that during both of our adoption processes I've thought to myself that maybe 9 months of tired, painfull hell wouldn't have been as bad as waiting for these processes to be over. I wouldn't trade my adopted kids for anything but it would've been nice to have someone get on with it and get it done quicker.
Anyways, I found it all interesting and think that it's going to be a tough choice for a lot of people. I think the numbers are going to sway back and forth and we won't know who wins until the very end - remember "hanging chads", lol. They both chose an unlikely person for the VP position so that doesn't help at all. I'm not a fan of Biden - he kind of creaps me out. And while I think a woman is great to have in the VP position. I don't think Palen, a woman with 5 kids - one being a newborn - is the person for the job. She's going to have to let something go and it's either going to be her job or her family. I'm interested in seeing how just the campaigning goes. Right now she's got kids in tow but that's going to have to change and how's that going to work? Is she going to fly home every night? Anywho, it's not that a woman couldn't do it. I think a woman could do a great job. But not a women with 5 kids at home.
Ok, lets see the comments roll, roflol.


  1. Thanks for being so honest with your political views. I'm with you...stuck on who to vote for. Thanks for hashing it out on your blog so I can keep thinking about it. I don't usually vote...but now I'm thinking since I'm allowed the freedom to school my kids the way I want, perhaps I should vote as a way to say "rock on"? I don't know. Its always such a huge issue here at our house and there are a lot of people I won't discuss politics with. Thanks for making your political discussion non-scary.

  2. I also don't know how on earth Palin could do the job and be the mom of 5 kids, but she has my vote. I also like McCain the more read about him, the adoption thing got me too. :-) He and his wife seem to be sincerely compassionate people, and I think Palin added to his ticket has done him a world of good. Adoption + child with disability + pro-homschooling + pro-choice= my vote! I also am pro-life and that is always my deciding factor, but I feel better voting for him than I did Bush. I enjoyed reading your views

  3. 'ello.

    I'm on the fence too. So many things about both candidates for presidency are scary or uncool. Especially when you are a homeschooler. Phooey. I vote, because I'm a voting maniac, but this year is hard and yucky.

  4. I am voting for McCain. I think he will make a great president and I was shocked at Palin, but the more I hear about her the more I like her. She seems to be full of "Piss and Vinegar"(I think this is a southern saying)The five kids can be taking care of by their dad. Men do is all the time. The wives would do it while the husbands work.
    I also voted for Bush and I know he is not real popular right now but I keep thinking we have not been attacked again since 9/11. I still think he is a good man who has our best interest at heart. Has he made some mistakes,Yes, did he get us into a mess in Iraq, Yes. But I also don't think anyone knew that the Iraqis would take this long taking over their country and running it. Well I have said enough, I need to Hush now. God Bless America!!