August 8, 2008


I made more Friendship bread today. I had made a double batch of Blueberry the other day and then left the rest of the batter in the bag on the counter. Now it's day 5 and that's when you add ingredients to the batter so I took out 2 more cups to make more bread and then added the flour, sugar, and milk that it called for in the bag. This way I can make bread every 5 days or so and keep it fresh. Today I made banana and mmmmm it's good stuff :o)
I have to get my baking done so they'll have something to eat when I'm gone for 3 days next week. I really need to try one of the bun recipes though so I can quit buying the frozen ones. They are the high fructose corn syrup item that I'm trying to get rid of. Making buns requires a lot of dedication in a day and it's hard with little kids to be able to make it, rise it, cut them, rise them, and then bake. With the Friendship bread it just takes about 15 minutes to throw the ingredients in the mixer, mix it up, spray the pans, dump it in, and bake it. And poof, just about the best tasting thing I've ever made, lol.
I had foster care orientation this morning for our county. Before we did it through a private agency because we were looking for kids to adopt but now we just want to do foster care. We are going to take up to a sibling group of 4, with girls ages 0-10, and boys ages 0-3. We will also be a emergency placement home for babies. They bring them here for a few days or so until they find a permanent home or find out more about them. Like when they find an abandoned baby or one that needs to be removed immediately from it's home. It will be interesting to see what kids we get here.

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  1. I went onto the Hennepin County site for adoption and looking at those kids just made my heart hurt. I'm so afraid for them, but also afraid of what could happen if we fostered. How do you cope with that? I've read Paula's blog and other's off of her blogroll and it just breaks my heart to hear some of the things that they go through. Of course, wonderful things happen too and that's uplifting to me, but you know what I mean.

    You got me all psyched up for baking again today girl! I gotta get rollin'!