August 7, 2008

A very long day

I'm so ready to hit the sheets already and it's only 8:20! But I stayed up too late last night and then had to get up at 5 am so I could leave at 6 am to get to "W"s Gramma's funeral by 9:30. I was there until about 1:30 and then got home just before 5 pm.
The funeral went well. Her kids did a great job of planning it and had lots of pics and memorials for her. There were about 200 people there so there was a great turn out for such a small town. Her sister and 2 oldest daughters spoke and it was very emotional.
I got to see "W"s birth Dad and he seemed to be doing ok but he's a pretty reserved kind of guy anyways so it's hard to tell. I can't imagine that seeing his Mom the way he did after the accident is something that he's going to be done dealing with any time soon. I can't imagine what that must have been like for him. I got to meet his new girlfriend and she seemed nice but was also pretty quiet.

Ok, so now it's almost 10:00 because I had to get "P" to sleep before I can finish this and go to sleep. I just put her in bed and she's now whining in there so I have to go and get her again and sit with her until she falls back to sleep.
See ya!


  1. Jen~
    Glad that the funeral went well. If it's not too much to ask (and you can email me privately) is "W"'s birth father an OK guy and just got involved with the wrong gal (and then along came "W")? of does he have his issues too? I know, personal, I'm too nosy for my own good. It's just unfathomable to me that someone could give up their kid...thankfully there's folks like you and your hubby to be there for those kids. I hope that "P" has settled down for you by now. Hugs

  2. Sorry to hear that your SIL isn't any nicer. You'd think after 5 years...wait, what am I talking about? The world doesn't stop revolving around those people!! Anyhow, glad that funeral was ok. You guys are just awesome people.