August 6, 2008

Ooh My...

"P" is really giving me a run for my money! She's back at the climbing again today so we are just working on falling well. That way if she falls she'll learn how to land. I just sit by her and when she falls I catch her and guide her to the floor. It gives her the little scare that she needs so she can know that it can happen but also shows her how to land. All without her getting hurt :o)
Yeah, now I think we're going to have to make her an enclosed bed too like "A2" because I'm afraid she'll get sneaky and stand up to the railing and fall out on her head. It's so funny because other people have gotten social services called on them for the enclosed beds and here my other kids are feeling neglected because "P" & "A2" get to sleep in "forts", roflol. SO NOT FAIR MAN :o)
It's basically a bunk bed with doors so it looks like the side of a crib, except that the slats are more like 5" apart. They can see out but not fall out and it will last them forever because it's a regular sized bed.
It's good timing too because I just got the new crib that I had to order for "J" since his old one was recalled. We can still use the old one for head and footboards (4 in 1 crib) since it's not a danger for an older child. So now I can stack up and enclose the 2 sets of bunk beds for the girls' room and "A" can sleep on the top of one of them and then we can make "W" a new bed with the old crib rails. It worked out perfectly because we got a brand new crib and we don't have to buy "W" a new bed when we take his piece of the bunk beds away for the girls :o) I'll have to post pics when they are all done. They'll look pretty cool - I designed them and my sweet hubby is making them.
We better get on it though because "A2" will be here next Thursday and I have to fly out on Tuesday to go and get her. I have a funeral tomorrow out of town for "W"s Gramma, foster care orientation for the county on Friday (yes we're getting more foster kids:o), and hubby has softball tournaments all weekend. HOLY SMOKES we're busy! Good thing I got my garden mowed yesterday, lol.

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  1. Lady, I don't know when you sleep! How many kids are you going to foster... and where will they sleep? :-) Undoubtably you've got it figured out already.... ha ha ha. Fuchsia's taking her reading test right now, so I should get back to it! Hope everything goes seamlessly!