August 5, 2008

My busy girl...

So "P" learned how to pull to stand and climb on the couch in record time today, lol. And since I can't tell her no, well I can but she doesn't listen, I have to take her off the couch and put her back on the floor. Only to have her immediately climb back on there again! Normally you'd say yay and let them stay on the couch but she hasn't learned that falling off the couch hurts yet, lol. And she must have a depth perception thing because she'll get up there and turn around and go to hop right off, as I catch her in mid air! So, today I spent a good 2 hours taking her 45 lb butt off of the couch over and over and over and over again until she finally got tired. We did practice how to get off of the couch right but I imagine it will be about 6 months to a year before she can actually do it without falling. I told my Mom that I might just have to take the living room couches and put them downstairs if she doesn't quit doing it because I can't have her falling and short of strapping her into a chair I can't stop her. Gramma wasn't so happy about that because then she'd have to sit on the floor when she babysat. I guess I could give her one of the yoga balls or something to sit on, lol. I never sit on them anyways and the kids can bring their little couches up here to sit on and watch toons.
I'm getting very excited about her walking though. She's SO VERY motivated and gets those feet just moving. She's so tall that I can just stand behind her and hang onto her shirt up by the shoulders and we go. Of course she'll head right over to her brother's high chair and look for leftovers since he's not a good eater and she'd eat the fridge empty if I'd let her, lol. I'll have to have an IEP update meeting for her when I have Ashley's so that we can get her goals updated and not include using her gait trainer because I think she's beyond that. Plus Ashley will need hers at school and I can't fit 2 of them in the back of the van.

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  1. I can just picture you playing this up and down from the couch game with "P" until she pooped out too much to do it anymore; my guess is that you immediately got up to do some baking... :-9
    your blog is very aptly named, dear lady.....
    Yay for "P" though, now that she's getting the hang of cruising and walking!