August 31, 2008

Trouble... aka 'J'

As he was running me ragged at our last homeschool playgroup, I told the ladies that he was the poster child for birth control. Just take him to the high school and let them take care of him for a few days and the teen pregnancy problem would disappear, roflol.
He's the sweetest and most cuddly little "ladies man" but boy does he like to get into trouble :o) I'll tell him to come here and he'll stand there with this cute grin on his face and shake his head back and forth. Every time I tell him no or try to get him to behave he'll say in this little raspy whisper "SSSSTOP". He's every bit of 2 :o)


  1. Oh yeah, I've been there, only it's "3" for us nearly, now. Watch, they learn tricks from one another.....whew!

  2. He is such a cutie pye! One of those faces that gets away with a lot more! Hhaha, he knows :-)