August 31, 2008

Here are the beds...

We took bunk beds and added doors to keep the Angel girlies from falling out of bed and getting hurt or, eventually, wandering around the house during the night. They're just like big cribs and they will last them for a long time. Of course the other kids had to complain because it's just not fair that A2 & P get to sleep in forts and they don't, lol. And also, of course, we have to keep the doors locked during the day because J won't stay out of them. 'A' sleeps above 'A2' and thinks it's so cool that she gets to sleep on the top bunk :o) We were worried about screwing up the birth order since A2 is the oldest now but 'A' can see that she's really the oldest since she gets the top bunk, lol.


  1. Very cool beds, Fuchsia thought they looked suitably fort-like as well. Pretty soon we'll all be able to tuck them into something like this...LOL!
    Oooh, I bet that would stop a 3 year old from getting out of bed 40-billion times per night, wouldn't it? :-)

    Awesome job!

  2. Very cute room! I was surprised to see it--we did our daughter's room in Crazy Daisies, too...walls are bright orange!!