September 1, 2008

A job well done...

My hubby, A, W, & J, built a rock wall around the pad that I made (with the bobcat) for the camper. It looks pretty sharp :o) They worked so hard and it was hot out. Once we take the dog kennel down (to the left) we'll keep it going all the way to the house. We just had to get this part done asap so it wouldn't wash out if it rained.
We've spent so many years adding on and remodeling the house that it's finally time to get the landscaping done. I've been getting materials together and next Spring I'm going to town on the place, lol. I'm going to plant lots of low maintenance bushes, shrubs, and grasses that will look great and not be something that I have to pick through each Spring or try to keep alive all Winter. There will be lots of landscaping in the front because the kids don't use that part of the yard so it might as well look nice. We are sticking with grass in the back so there isn't anything to mess with or any landscape rocks or mulch for the Angels to eat :o)

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  1. Nicely done! Put those kids to work! They probably had a blast with those rocks....