August 1, 2008

We brought our camper home

We brought our camper home today! We're so excited to finally have something that can give us a vacation, lol. It's impossible to fly with this many little kids so it's kind of been a bummer that we couldn't ever go anywhere and it's so hard to go and stay with family because we take up so much room. Now we can go somewhere and park in someone's yard or at a campground and be able to enjoy vacationing again. I think tomorrow I might get it semi ready so that Daddy and the older 2 can have a camp out :o) The kids are just dying to stay in it.
I was very worried that I wouldn't be able to back it in and park it but I did it, lol. It's much easier to just rubberneck out the window than try to use the mirrors. We need to get some mirror extensions though so I can see something. I also need to figure out how to disengage my backup sensor because it won't stop ringing when I put the van in reverse because it's sensing the camper. Nothing more annoying than trying to concentrate on backing up and not hitting anything when there's a constant ringing in your ears :o) Plus you can't hear a thing that the person directing you is yelling at you, lol.
I have some shopping to do, hehe. I'm going to get character sheet sets for the kids' beds and I'm going to try and find some good deals online for things like melamine dishes and such. I don't want to have to unload it every time we go somewhere so it will be nice to have it's own stuff. That way we can just grab some food and jump in and go. I'm so excited!

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  1. I wanna camp out in your camper too! :-)
    Awesome that you guys are thinking about going on vacation again. We are talking about taking "mini breaks" to Duluth, since it's about the same time-distance from here to either MPLS or there. There is a ton to do up there! Plus, in the off-season it's less congested than the cities. Whoopee!
    Enjoy your new ride (I'm just envisioning your ears falling off from the ringing!!