August 1, 2008

My big boy turned 5 today!

Kids are so funny. He told me "well now I'll have to go shopping because I'm 5 and my clothes don't fit me anymore". What a hoot, lol. I told him that clothes had more to do with his height and weight than his age and that his clothes fit just fine. He says, "ooh, ok" :o)
We had already had all the parties so there wasn't much to do today. He was more excited about us getting the camper today than his birthday, lol. His birth Dad called and talked with him so he enjoyed that. It's good that he has that relationship because I think it keeps him from feeling abandoned by them. I think it will make a big difference in how he sees himself and his self esteem as he gets older. Of course his birth Mom didn't call but I was glad about that. She's so much trouble and I don't know what will come out of her mouth. Plus I don't want her to call for a year or two and then disappear because she's got better things to do or is in jail.
I'll tell ya what, it's really hard having to decide what is best for them all the time and worry that I'm making mistakes. You don't know if you did was right or not until it's too late to change it. Let's hope these are all good decisions :o)

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  1. Jen,

    Just my 2 cents, but I think that you are an excellent momma. What you are doing for those boys is giving them an actual childhood, which is far better than what they would have gotten from their birth parents. I think that as long as you are comfortable letting him talk to his birth dad and there are no problems that erupt from doing so--why the heck not?!? The boy really needs the stability and love you are giving him and if he can see that someone from his biological line cares for him on some level, then I think it's worth the try. Again, my two cents, coming from a mom without adoptive children, but I think love is a something without boundaries.

    --btw, I had a version of your blog bookmarked that went bad--dumb! IE is silly, I'm switching to Mozilla!