September 16, 2008

It's been a month already!

I can't even believe that A2 has been with us for a month already! I can believe that Texas hasn't gotten her a medical card or anything else for that matter though. What DID they do for the year that it took to get her here?????
Everything is finally getting into shape around here so that's nice. We are getting the food and meals down pat. She has her second IEP next week and then will be starting school. I'm hoping that school works out because I think she really needs the assistance and equipment to help with her muscles and skills. Plus she can walk around in her gait trainer for miles there in the hallways. Here she just runs over everyone, lol.
We might have to change our weekend plans. W is getting his tonsils out on Thursday morning and I guess it's a bigger deal than I had thought. I just thought he'd have a sore throat and have to eat soft foods. We'll see. Hubby is for sure going up but we'll see about the rest of us. We definitely have to get the camper back down here so we can get it winterized before it freezes though.


  1. The lady who took Ashley picture, the pretty one in black & white, found it on my flickr site and wrote me to ask about her.

    I hope school goes well for her too! It will be good for everyone.

    I am betting that W won't have too big of a problem with his tonsils. My nephew was his age when he had his out and was home eating all kinds of things within a few hours. I was amazed!!! It's not as big of a deal as back in the day when I had mine out. They cauterize them now instead of cutting the way they used to, I was down and sick for days!

  2. Is it his tonsils or his adenoids? It seems like the names are almost used interchangeably these days. Adenoids can grow back! Ick! That's why we've held off doing F's for now, because her ENT told us that many times they just grow back in self defense. :-)

    Yikes! Hope everything goes well!!