September 19, 2008

My Mom rocks!

I was having a down day today because A2 is still having gagging issues and last night I'd spent an hour feeding her just so she could puke it all up and then start over. We still don't have a medical card for her and the last thing I wanted to do was trek back to the hospital with her to see what was up. I had to get up and get everyone ready so I could head out the door with P to go aqua therapy. Nobody was cooperating, the dishes in the dishwasher weren't clean - even though I'd ran it, and there were a few other little things that all had added up. Not to mention hormone overload, which I usually don't ever get but boy I did this month. A2 is a lot more work than we had anticipated and we can handle that but having a sick kid with no medical card is more than I can take.
So, anyways, my Mom was coming to watch the other kids because W had gotten his tonsils out yesterday and I didn't want to drag him out to the pool. I vented to her about my stress with this and told her that it wasn't that I can't handle my kids, I can't handle a sick kid that I can't fix. Life is too crazy busy to be sitting at some lame ass hospital here so they can send me home with no answers. We need to get her into our Ped., but we need MN insurance to do that - not Texas Medicaid.
Anyways, my Mom asked what she could do and I just told her to play with the kids and have fun because I certainly have not been much fun lately and they need that. So she did that and then I got home and hubby got home and took the kids downstairs to play so I could get caught up a little. Then my Mom came over and helped me clean my house, pick the garden, and offered to babysit later so we could go out :o) Going out for us means going to eat and being home in no time flat. She always laughs when we walk in the door about an hour after we left, lol. We're just not wandering spenders and aren't into the bar scene either.
Well, A2 ate lunch better and my Mom said she ate supper good too so I'm hoping that whatever was bugging her is over and we can get back to normal. I have her next IEP meeting Wednesday and then she'll be starting school. I'm hoping for great things for her at school. She has a lot of catching up to do and they will work hard with her.
Thanks Mom for all your help!


  1. HOORAY for mom!!!

    I am so glad that she was able to do that for you Jen. I wish I was close so I could give you some help too.

    Poor you. Poor A2. (((cyber hugs))) Give her big slimy kisses from her little bro and me!

  2. Hey Jen, I am so sorry you are going through this. When we got Becca we found a Ped at the hospital clinic that was willing to bill Texas medicaid. We actually ended up staying with him but had planned on going back to our normal Dr when she got her IA card. I would keep on them about when you will receive the MN card and tell them the circumstances. It will be retroactive but I know that does not help much in the here and now. Good luck to you all. Angel hugs!!!

  3. That's so awesome! It's so nice to have people that help you out when you really need it! Call me if you need another break!