September 4, 2008

It's time for bed...

A very busy day! Had A2's IEP meeting at the school and got some things figured out there. I'll write more about that later. Also brought P with because she was having her first day of class today. Then when we got home the guy from the furnace place came and gave us an estimate for an outdoor wood stove and geothermal. Then I had to rush him out the door so we could go and get P from school. Then we came home and ate lunch and then dug into school bigtime so we can go up north tomorrow and not have to do any work tomorrow or Monday. Then I made supper and while I was still feeding A2, W came out from getting his PJ's on and was crying because his ear hurt SO bad. I asked him what happened to it and he said he didn't know and that it just hurt really, really bad. I asked him if he hit it on something and he said no. I asked him how long it had been hurting and he said that it just started. I had him come over and looked into it. I wasn't sure what was in there but I thought it should probably come out and was worried it was a bug or some damn thing. I then realized that it was a dried pinto bean!* The bonehead found one on the floor and stuck it in his ear and then lied to me about it! I was just irate. More about him lying than the bean. I'm so sick and tired of him lying to me I could throw up. It's almost like he can't tell the truth. If you ask him what he's doing, not matter what it is, he stands there like a doe in the headlights while he thinks up something to tell you. Then after 5 minutes of stuttering and making up some unrealistic story he'll just say that he doesn't know. Then I'll tell him what he was doing and he'll say yes. I told hubby that I just need to quit asking him questions. Just say "knock it off" instead of "what are you doing?"
Anyways, I told him he was going to have to go to the hospital and get it taken out and then he was a really big mess. Luckily I remembered that our clinic has some later hours and tonight they were open and so I sent the hubby with him to get it removed. Then he came home and went to bed and was told that if he keeps up his lying he isn't going to do gymnastics this year. I'm not toting his butt back and forth if he can't respect me enough to tell the truth.
Anyways, so he got it out and then when they got home I had to get stuff together and pack the camper, come in and wash a million tomatoes, bake Amish banana bread, peel and chop cucumbers and cantalope and get more stuff ready.
*The reason why we have dried pinto beans floating around is because we fill a turtle sandbox with 80 lbs of them in the basement in the Winter so that P will have a 'sandbox' to play in during the Winter months. They are cleaned up and stored during the Summer but sometimes you'll find the random one around from someone's pantleg or something.
I'm off to bed!
Sarah, I hope you're feeling better!


  1. I am so sorry about the lying thing Jen. I know that is very frustrating. Is that something kids with FAS do? My friend has a son with RAD and he literally CANNOT tell the truth if it so obvious; you alredy caught him doing it, but he's making up a story. I am exhausted just reading about your day!!!! HUGS!!!!

    Yes, we always having pinto beans floating around here too. We have our pool going all year round in Josh's room, and he's in it everyday. The beans are in the crevices of his clothes, in his diaper...

    Lots of love, Yvonne

  2. Kettricken just got done putting a beanie baby bead up her nose this last week "just because". Yeah, you gotta love that crap. Gordy got that bugger out, no problem.

    We are better. Eating lots of garlicky chicken soup with every herb I could find in the house that was good for it's anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Lots of garlic, parsley, carrots, stuff. It's good food and good medicine. I'll blog more about our "hostible" visit later. Gotta get those kiddos to bed!