September 6, 2008

On the road...

Here I am, bloggin from the Northland :o) We are up north in our hometown helping my Brother in Law and Sister in Law build their new house. So far today they have gotten a lot done. My hubby and his brother got over half of the exterior walls up today, and they even had to break for a bit of it because of rain.
We went this morning to visit Great Gramma and Great Grampa, and my Aunt and Cousin. It's good to see them since we don't get up here much. Another Cousin's wife, who is also a good friend of mine stopped bye while we were there too. Then when we got back to the camper, another cousin and her boys came over and visited for a bit and it was nice to visit with her too. I have tons of family up here, lol.
I had thrown a roast with potatoes and carrots in the crock pot this morning so dinner was easy and everyone could eat when they were ready too.
Last night was the first time that we all slept in here. It took me a while to get to sleep because the bed isn't the best and then it started raining. We have a roof vent right above our bed so the rain was pretty loud. Then A2 got up super early and started cooing in her bed so we were up pretty early. Hopefully tonight, if I keep them up later, we'll get a little more sleep :o) We can always hope, miracles do happen from time to time.
I'm really enjoying camping but it's hard for me to be away from real tv. The kids have DVD's to watch but I'm really missing the news and Nancy Grace, lol. I'm a total news junkie so it's hard to not be able to watch any. I guess I can look it up online.
I'm really glad that we chose this camper. It's just the right size for us and the only thing I would change is to have the interior doors lock shut and not just strap open but we can fix that. It would be nice to keep the kids out of our bedroom area during the day. But that's not a big deal. I love the number of beds and the size of the dining table. We can get lots of people around the U shape of it.
We used the heat last night and it kept up great. It hardly ran at all because with 7 people in here we create a lot of our own heat, lol. Once we got it heated up it stayed warm all night pretty much.
We'll definitely be using it a lot next Summer and may even go again this year if it doesn't get too cold too fast.
The other negative is the gas mileage we get when pulling this thing. I think we got 60 miles on 1/4 of a tank and I have a 28 gallon tank - you do the math :o)

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  1. I hate that sort of math! The kind that costs you enormous amounts of money. Bleah.