September 8, 2008


My *#*%&#* washing machine just died! I can't even believe it! Why do these things happen to people with lots of kids - and as soon as they get home and have fifty million loads of laundry to do! It just started beeping and then I went in there and it just says "H" and "F" flashing back and forth. I assume it means hardware failure. The kicker is that since it's a front loader and won't work, the door is locked and it has taken all of my kids' clothes for the week hostage! I'm sure they'll be smelling swell by Wednesday when the guy is coming to fix it - I just called Best Buy warranty service.
I'm just thankful for the 5 year warranty that we took out when we bought it. We've only had it for a little over 2 years but it's been used a lot.
By the way it's a Whirlpool Duet :o)

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  1. Glad to read that it wasn't the washer. Those things are a pain to replace!